Monthly Archives: August 2015

Repaving the World

They’re finally getting to fix some of the road surfaces around here. It will mean less shaky driving. As a young child, I was really impressed by the work done on the street where I lived. I guess it was post-WWII work, repairs that had been delayed by the war. When I wrote this, decades […]

Audio Samples

Here are some examples of recorded work. This link is to something I read on public broadcasting: Another story on public radio: Radio Play:    THE NEW YORK CRIMES 0:19-0:50


CHARACTERS Markman, middle-aged Brian, a college student SETTING On one side, Brian sits at a small desk with a computer. He wears the headpiece for a business telephone. On the other side, Markman takes a seat by his phone. MARKMAN (answering) Hello. BRIAN Hello. Mr. Markman? MARKMAN (immediately suspicious) Yes . . . I don’t […]

Film & Video – August Update

Novelist Anne Tyler on OLD JUNK: “That was a beautiful movie. I loved every closely observed second of it — very touching. I hope it gets lots of attention and appreciation.” See it here: * A clip from COLLECTORS This short film, from a short story by Raymond Carver, will be available later this […]