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Adventures of a Proofreader (And Confessions of a Sub-Vocalizer)

Oh, you think proofreading is boring? You don’t think it can provide thrilling experiences? In the interest of accuracy (one of a proofreader’s raisons d’être, after all), I have to admit you may be right. Nevertheless . . . When I was a kid, a new drugstore opened in our town. A small crowd gathered […]


One of our supermarkets hires workers with developmental problems, maybe from a program that trains and places them. Anyway, it’s near my doctor’s office, where I’d gotten news that wasn’t good, though not dire. ”You probably don’t need to worry for 20 years,” they said. “But we’ll test every 6 months.” . The young woman […]

Russian Personality

This expresses the Russian portion of my soul. It’s the right half of my left ear.   Photo by Nikolai Golovanoff.