Lew Gardner Acting Reels

7-16 – NEW!



Scene in Bruno Mars’ CBS Special, Nov. 2017:

collectors t


From a short story by Raymond Carver:


old junk 17

Old Junk

The lead role—not the title role:


subs 3

The Lumineers “Submarines”

Music video for a mega-group – over 4 million views – lead role, rotoscoped:


Some very short films:


Here are several photos and stills from cable TV, film, comedy and music videos, commercials, and stock photo modeling:



Comedy video with Josh Rabinowitz:


Story Slam 2015

Telling a true story of London in WW II:


boy & chess player 21

The Boy and the Chess Player

A really good short film:


complex 2

COMPLEX Magazine beer drinking games:




Visiting Angels commercial:



Moving On

Very short comedy video:


Outta Control

Music video:


on court 4

On the Court

Short silent film:


Clinical trials PSA


4 A. M. in Paris

Music Video


NY Minute

LG at 0:44


One comment

  1. Thank you for Horace in Old Junk. Saved the rest for later.

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