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Lew Gardner Acting Reels 7-16 – NEW! 9-12 * Scene in Bruno Mars’ CBS Special, Nov. 2017: COLLECTORS From a short story by Raymond Carver: * Old Junk The lead role—not the title role: * The Lumineers “Submarines” Music video for a mega-group – over 4 million views – lead role, rotoscoped: […]


I played someone who died on playwright Maxwell Anderson’s property, who also had done artistic carvings throughout the house—banisters, cabinets, doors. * We shot our scenes in what had been Anderson’s house. The living room was where he and his neighbor Kurt Weill wrote the songs for Lost in the Stars, * including words that, […]


We humored him as he made his rounds, selling candy from a cardboard box and his shirt-cardboard paintings of grinning, paisley-shaped animals. We would mock him, fool or simpleton, and buy his pictures for a quarter. * Years later I watch with my son the amazing maneuvers on the campus lawn of a jugglers’ convention. […]


This was just finished. I don’t know when it will be aired. I’m afraid my performance does nothing to improve my chances of being cast as a romantic-leading-man type: Western Union * This company spends most of its advertising money on the Fox News channel, so if someone says they’ve seen it, I know […]

Playing a Lead Role – “Love Thy Neighbor”

This link should bring up an episode of a series on the Investigation Discovery channel. The series is called “Mansions & Murders.” The show was filmed in just two days. Since I was in 26 scenes with 18 changes of wardrobe, I mostly remember running all over the place for those two days. This is […]