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This is from the Story Slam of the 2015 Woodstock Writers Festival. I read the story of a woman who’d been a teenager in London during the Blitz. Her story–and my telling of it–may remind you of the film HOPE AND GLORY, but that’s purely coincidental. The story is 100% true. Advertisements

My latest entry for “Stupidest Thing I Ever Did”

Yes, it’s real beer, nothing wimpy like ginger ale.     CLICK below

What Love Told Mahler

He dropped the title to the last movement of his Third Symphony, but everyone likes to use it; it makes sense. I hope this excerpt gets you to explore the whole symphony.


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How I Came to Judge an Indian Dance Contest

Anyone who knows me knows I am not a dancer (although I have managed to fake dancing on film and video and even on stage) and I know next to nothing about the refinements of that art. But back in the 80s, I was an official judge of a competition in dance of the Subcontinent. […]