I show my students a manuscript

to illustrate my cut-and-paste method.

I don’t sit at a computer and go from start to end;

I jot down the thoughts and fragments as they come,

in whatever order,

and later tape the pieces in a notebook;



the next step is writing the connections

that make sense of the thing.

So I show the pages, scribblings

on scraps of envelopes, napkins, notepads,

each flapping on its cellophane-tape hinge,

surrounded by writing that clarifies,



and I realize my life is like that,

days assembled from chores, events, meetings, musings,

music, books, memories, misery,

moments of pleasure or peace.

All it needs is a narrative

so it makes sense.



One comment

  1. I hear ya’ Lew. it comes through with verve and style.

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