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I show my students a manuscript to illustrate my cut-and-paste method. I don’t sit at a computer and go from start to end; I jot down the thoughts and fragments as they come, in whatever order, and later tape the pieces in a notebook;     the next step is writing the connections that make […]

LAMB SHANKS Available Now

The lovely folks at One Act Play Depot are now offering for sale and production my one-act play called LAMB SHANKS. Read about it (and order it) on their site:

Transcendental Mahler

Mahler’s 7th Symphony is not one of the popular ones–and it’s not one of my favorites either–but a portion of the first movement is truly wonderful. So treat yourself to some music you may not have heard before. Begin at 10:04. This section starts slow, but a treat awaits you with the harp at 11:29. The […]

Love Songs for Enablers and Masochists

Do popular art forms reflect the culture or shape it? Or both?   (Note: the music usually associated with the apache dance is a tune by Offenbach.)      

Do I Dare to Eat a Peach?

No, because I’m allergic to them. Also related stone fruits—plums, cherries, nectarines. I used to get mouth irritations, inflammation of the mucous membranes in my mouth. Doctors would prescribe antibiotics and ask about my sex life. Then I figured something out. It happened only in the summer. To soothe my irritated mouth, I would eat […]


VALENTINE My love stirs in the breeze like paper hearts   strung along the ceiling of the stationery store.   My love’s a lacy heart packed   with neat rows of extravagant treats.   Accept my heart— and bite the crisp exterior   to reach the marshmallow beating inside.     VALENTINE BOX Remember the […]

2 Million Views – “Submarines”

Any minute now, the number of Youtube views for this video will pass the 2 million mark (since October of 2013). I’m credited on the Youtube site, but no one would otherwise guess that the protagonist is me. I was filmed at a NYC bar and in an apartment house courtyard. Rotoscoping turned me into […]