Monthly Archives: December 2014


  For the New Year: a beautiful song by Gustav Mahler to words by Friedrich Rückert. Sometimes it is sung (and heard) as depressed and full of angst—but think of it as a beautiful renunciation of distraction. Mahler reused some of the music in “The Song of the Earth.”   Here are some performances. Choose […]


  Not for every day, but when the mood strikes. What pieces would you add?     Prokofiev piano concerto no.1 (allegro brioso)   Marin Marais: Sonnerie de Ste Genevieve du Mont de Paris   Asturias – Isaac Albeniz   Falossi 5 composizioni ossessive per pianoforte  

Jumping on a Bed with a Lot of Other People (at different times)

A short film made to publicize a program to support children in need:   Since one of my play collections in print is called Jump Around a Lot, I’m happy to have participated in this.   I was involved in the project by Ann Ingram, playing my wife. She’s part of a small […]

Music Videos Update – Dec. 2014

The Lumineers’ “Submarine.” I’m the lead human, rotoscoped. 1,816,000 views after a year. Great song but only 31,000 views. Song starts at 5:12. I make my appearance at 7:37.   Most popular, with 2,663,000 views. Watch me reveal my reptilian side, but turn the sound down:       I’m the butler. Acting is a […]