The fancy new Fulton Street Transit Center opened today. It’s a building that connects several NYC subway lines near Wall Street and the World Trade Center site.


As I stepped through the entrance from Fulton Street, there I was on a huge screen–for about a minute–flinging dollar bills in the air. They fluttered down in super-slow motion.

ny minute a

Then there was advertising, followed by some of the other Typical New Yorkers in the series, which was the work of a gifted young artist, Gabriel Barcia-Colombo. This is a link to the trailer for the project:

I found myself on another smaller screen in an underground passage. Seeing myself on a subway wall reminded me of the ads I saw as a small boy when taken on the subway in Boston. Little did I imagine I would some day be on a similar wall.

ny minute b

There was also a shot of me on the wall of the central atrium of the building.

ny minute c


The press service Reuters has been sending this image around the world:


ny minute reuters


And this was in Metro magazine:


ny minute metro magazine



The artist chose the same image for his own photo:


ny minute with gabe b-c


It seems as though I’m the image of the Typical New Yorker for the moment. What’s neat is that I can remain totally anonymous.


The videos should be viewable for at least several months.


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