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Some New Videos – Nov. 2014

Here is some classical music humor, knowledge of the classics not required:   BASSOON RAP       A NYFA student film: password: home123     Brooklyn College graduate film: pw Nana     An NYU student film about memory. I’m dancing. The film is silent, though:   vintage dreams […]


The fancy new Fulton Street Transit Center opened today. It’s a building that connects several NYC subway lines near Wall Street and the World Trade Center site.   As I stepped through the entrance from Fulton Street, there I was on a huge screen–for about a minute–flinging dollar bills in the air. They fluttered down […]

Sulfur Piles

Everett, Massachusetts, is where I grew up. I can’t think of anything good to say about it.   Wikipedia’s list of Notable People from Everett includes no one you’ve ever heard of.   As you drove by its industrial sites, you saw bright yellow piles of sulfur in the open air. That was the Monsanto […]