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    From the schedule of the Black Bear Film Festival, October 19, 2014: Sunday 3:00-3:40 TWO FILMS OF A TRILOGY See the first two films of a moving film-short trilogy. (The third, Upside Down, is currently in post-production.) All the characters live in the same small New York City apartment building. While their stories […]


I always enjoy reading about the way movie-makers have done things to fool the audience, especially before CGI enabled them to do nearly anything. In Humoresque, a pretty awful film with John Garfield and Joan Crawford, Garfield is a great violinist who plays on the screen a few times. You can see that the left […]

Stump Your Friends – Granville Bantock’s Music

A name to drop. It’s even Sir Granville Bantock. You and your friends (non-Brits anyway) have probably never heard of him or heard his music. I discovered it when I found a CD on the bargain counter.   Here are some excerpts. The music may remind you of Sibelius, Strauss, or Debussy:   […]


  The photographer improves on reality or helps it along. With brighter lighting on the far side of your face, he makes you look thinner. He checks what shines, adjusts what’s out of place.   Diffused light and special lenses soften your imperfections. Retouching corrects the errors of nature.   The resulting photo on your […]