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I want to say a few words about unions. I’ve had jobs that were unionized and jobs without unions, and I was always better off when there was a union. Unions protect you from unfair or arbitrary acts by bosses—including firing for bad reasons. And they’re usually the best way to get better pay and benefits.

As Bennett Miller said, “If unions weren’t good for workers, companies wouldn’t work so hard to keep them out.” And I will add: That goes for their hired goons in Congress too.

Sometimes I’d hear coworkers complain that their dues went to support lousy officers, even corrupt ones. Oh, so only union bosses can be corrupt? There aren’t corrupt politicians, lawyers, cops, professors, grocers, doctors?

Maybe there’s a direct connection between the decline in the quality of American life and the decline of unions!

Something else that bugs me: I live in a small town with most roads laid out in the 1800s for horse wagons. Narrow and winding. Several times a day, huge trucks drive in with goods for the stores. I mean, really huge. Enough goods on one truck for a thousand stores. These trucks tie up the roads and could knock stuff down—like people and lampposts—if the drivers aren’t really skillful.

The companies use these monster trucks so they don’t have to maintain a lot of warehouses where goods would be sorted for smaller trucks to deliver around. So they save on real estate and workers, while the rest of us pay—with inconvenience, pollution, wear and tear on roads—and the stuff that gets knocked down.

Since I have nothing else to do until the cable company gets my Internet connection restored, I may go out and knock over a lamppost.



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