CURMUDGEON CORNER – Second Installment

mr arnold 1

The world is going to hell and people are predicting the end of life on Earth or at least of civilization. Maybe they’re right. Maybe civilization isn’t all that great, but I’d hate to get through the summer without an air conditioner.

It doesn’t matter that in all of history, things have seemed as bad or worse, over and over again. These bad times are our bad times, dammit.

Tell me: how did all these trade schools become colleges and even universities? Maybe they had to adapt to the times—there aren’t so many matchbook covers for them to advertise on these days.

They’re run to make profits for their owners, at the expense of the students they mislead (okay, so do the Ivy League colleges) and the government programs that pay some of the costs. How can they get accreditation? They have to set up a library. Oh.

Something else: if someone driving toward me finds a truck stopped in front of them, that driver doesn’t always stop and wait till it’s safe to drive around it. He’ll drive around the truck and head towards me, in my lane, leaving me to cope with his damn vehicle driving toward me in my lane!

See? The world is going to hell!




  1. Saved as a favorite, I like your web site!

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