You were six when we saw the news that a young actor

had killed himself. I mentioned I had interviewed him

at the start of his career. You demanded:

Why did you let him kill himself!”


king kong


A year before, when King Kong died at the end

of the movie, you asked, crying and angry:

Did they have to kill him?” I wished then

I could have stopped that death and all the others.


You learned in time the limits of my power,

and not just for deaths I couldn’t prevent.

You know the limits to what we accomplish,

whatever the grandeur in what we attempt.


Now other young deaths are reported; new attempts

at good are unsuccessful. And I am grateful this afternoon

for a warm place to rest for an hour

and strong coffee on a cold, bleak day.


One comment

  1. enjoyed this . short, meaningful and poignant. thx, pjs

    Paula Silbey

    Sent from my iPad


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