Why not? In five years or so, since abandoning full-time employment, I’ve done a good deal of acting. Some has been on the stage, but I’ve mostly been recorded on film or video in various moods and states of dress or undress. The following is a selection.


on court 4


Boy & Chess Player  med shot

A music video for the mega-group The Lumineers, starring me (rotoscoped):


A Celebrity Ghost Stories episode. My segment as a bellhop ghost is the Max Adler episode beginning at 22:00: Password:  cgs

celeb gh 5 16 13 002

Something I wrote:

AS LOVE GROWS, 3rd segment; begins at 10:04 Password: flowers

a l g 1

Comedy video with Josh Rabinowitz:

teeth 5

A sweet silent short:

on court 3

Consumer Reports Commercial – “We Work for You” – at 1:05:

cr 4

A film that was made for a preschool fundraising event. It contrasts the innocence of children with the sleaziness of NY lowlifes, portrayed by a small group, including me:

subway chabad

Spec commercial: 

mr arnold 3

Another music video, by a popular German reggae artist. My section begins at 2:13 (through the end).

Gentleman: “In My Arms”:

Video of A Point Just Passed by Gabriel Barcia-Colombo. This is a record of the artist’s 3-dimensional work, including me, beginning at :44:

barcia-colombo 1





Excerpts from some of the film and video above, as well as others, were brilliantly assembled by filmmaker Michael Gaylin in this reel, which is now two years out of date:


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