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Someone was worried about being misrepresented in a local newspaper. I pointed out that sometimes we think our exposure in the media is greater than we either fear or, conversely, hope. Of course, the media can create great waves of knowledge and notoriety. But not always.   To illustrate, I mentioned something that happened when […]


  Some of your parts are missing, while others have been replaced. It’s years since your finish was glossy. Tune-ups are more expensive now; it’s harder to keep humming along.   It’s time to worry:   will you be traded in for a newer model? will you be exiled to a lot in Little Ferry, […]

Me Under Glass

A Point Just Passed by Gabriel Barcia-Colombo me at :44    


  It’s a long ride by train to Albany, where I’d been dispatched to lobby legislators. As I was nodding off, a dozen children entered the car, a kindergarten excursion riding one stop to the next, chattering about the sights outside the windows, though mostly they talked about Crissie.   “Where’s Crissie?” one said. “With […]


    The best time of a deadly relatives’ Sunday was to walk with him to the stable and watch him feed the quiet animal, to give it sugar from my own hand and jump back away from the big, warm tongue, to smell the hay and manure, to see the white horse in the […]

One Cheer for Political Correctness

In my elementary school–this was the late 1940s–there was a first-grade teacher named Miss Denny. On her desk was a Denny the Dimwit doll.     Denny was a comic-strip character. The humor derived from the situations the poor boy would get into.     I see nothing wrong with political correctness that censors our worst […]

Music to Feel Better By

When I feel bad, or blue, or discouraged (yes, even I can feel that way sometimes), these pieces help:     Ennio Morricone: Gabriel’s Oboe     Chopin Nocturne in D flat Major, Op.27 No.2     Mozart: Sinfonia Concertante (violin and viola solos with orchestra)     Korngold: Marietta’s Song (from […]