Updated file of photos and stills from video, film, stage work, commercials, and stock-photo modeling.

These were all taken in the last few years.

Photographers include: John Abrahante, Stevens Anazco, Simone Becchetti, Michael Beckert, Daniel Bendjy, Veronica Cerna, Mindo Cikanavicius, Grant Delin, Michael Duva, Robert Englebright, Emiliano Granado, Ellen Hart, Keith Ferris, Nikolai Golovanoff, Miles Kerr, Christoph Mack, Joe McShea, José Musse, Douglas Park,  Marton Perlaki, Sean Pressley, Lloyd Stevie, Eddie Toro, Steven Vargo, Seth Webster, Jeremy White, David Williams, Wonwoo Lee.

Directors include: Jordan Axelrod, Katy Balfour, Gabriel Barcia-Colombo, Nicholas Sutton Bell, Jianying Chen, Jason Cusato, Andrea deBrito, Charles Drexler, Devin Ershow, Christian Faber, Pablo Garza, Jordan Goldnadel, Meir Kalmanson, Mike Kelly,  Charles Kopelson, Shira Levin, Ryan Nethery, Sidney Norinsky, Dan Opsal, Katie Orjonikidze-Casey, Mendy Pellin, Matt Piccolo, Andrew Porter, June Prager, Tomer Preis, Andrew Pulaski, Gustavo Roman, Laurence Rosenzweig, Eric Schuman, Tim Sessler, Charlotte Wells, Moujan Zolfaghari.

Commercials and Corporate: Ally Bank, b Condoms, Bray Entertainment, Consumer Reports,, NY Life, Visiting Angels, Western Union.

Drawings by  Nicholas Sutton Bell, Kyle McCullough, Joseph Yeomans.

Music videos for Born of Osiris, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Gentleman, The Lumineers, Stephen Michael, Freddy Wexler

actor LG

Michael Duva


j mu 3

José Musse


m 21









Mindo Cikanavicius

o j 13

dir. Shira Livin

teeth 8

comedy with Josh Rabinowitz

s b 10

Simone Becchetti

nyu cover this one

Daniel Bendjy/Getty Images

TG 1

GZA’s Liquid Science

ny mag 7 11 16

ny mag 7 11 16 whole spread

Nigel Parry – New York Magazine

collectors t

dir. Charles Kopelson

App for


Shmoo and Me





















drawing by Joseph  Yeomans






rand 3

commercial for Rand Realty



Simone Becchetti

cent 12

Centrefold Magazine – Marton Perlaki

ante up 2


Daniel Bendjy

o j 3

dir. Shira Levin


Keith Ferris – unauthorized use of stock photo



cover of Riot of Perfume magazine – Lloyd Stevie

aud 7 16 b


dir. Cory Censoprano

Christoph Mack (below)


boardwalk empire - 2 left of Steve Buscemi

g d 78


































Grant Delin                                                          (above) Boardwalk Empire


mwba 1

History Channel – The Men Who Built America

memoires 2

dir. Tim Sessler


complex 5

Complex Magazine – Seniors vs. Seniors Beer Drinking Contest

mcparland 6 16 a

Mysteries at the Museumd-b-5

Daniel Bendjy


s w 3

Seth Webster

BIKERS 2 - 4 16

Russian Red music video


j a 13

John Abrahante

p c 1

m b 2 s

Michael Beckert


Ellen Hart

cent 3

Centerfold Magazine – Marton Perlaki

chess w director

dir. Jordan Goldnadel

psa 1 17 b


bray 3

Bray Entertainment


lg headshot

Keith Ferris

l sm 4

independent film


commercial – Western Union

colors 2

dir. Pablo Garza



Miles Kerr


Seth Webster

r e 102

Robert Englebright

exp metal poster


on court 4

dir. Jordan Axelrod

red tie

home 10

dir. Naoto Mitake

complex 2

Complex Magazine – Seniors vs. Seniors

dps 2

Daniel P. Shea



Nikolai Golovanoff

w l 6

Wonwoo Lee



Simone Becchetti

a l g 3

dir. Devin Ershow

e h 7

Ellen Hart



s a 3

Stevens Anazco


kni aud

lean 5

Complex Magazine

TG 5


TG 4















GZA’s Liquid Science


e t 5a

Eddie Toro

j w 2

Jeremy White



dor 2

dir. Charles Drexler

kf photos 098

Keith Ferris

dor 4

dir. Charles Drexler

bed jump

dir. Meir Kalmanson

d p 1

Douglas Park

4 am in paris 3

4 A. M. in Paris – music video

ny minute a

Gabriel Garcia-Colombo – video installation at Fulton Stree Transit Center

n y minute still

o j 4

dir. Shira Levin

hart and home 1

comedy video

kf photos 126

Keith Ferris

subs 3

The Lumineers “Submarine” – music video

bellhop 11

The Haunting Of



b & cp 7

dir. Jordan Goldnadel

SNM family 2

Sleep No More – dir. Katy Balfour

e h 11

Ellen Hart

e g 4

Emiliano Granado





collectors o

dir. Charles Kopelson

cr 4                                                           c r 1







commercial – Consumer Reportsv a 8a

commercial – Visiting Angels

ng 10













Nikolai Golovanoff

a l g 1

dir. Devin Ershow

s v 23

Steven Vargo


comedy video


subs 2

The Lumineers “Submarines”


Richard Englebright

4 am in paris 1

4 A. M. in Paris


t lv 7

v c 18

Veronica Cerna

MD 1

Michael Duva

old junk 17

dir. Shira Levin

v a mag image

Visiting Angels – print

boat 5


v c 11

Veronica Cerna

sportcoat 2


Richard Englebright


b cond 6

commercial – b Condoms


dir. Gustavo Roman

aud x 1

evil i 11

ID Discovery

celeb gh 5 16 13 002

The Haunting Of

western union 1a

commercial – Western Union

coll h

dir. Charles Kopelson


o j 11

dir. Shira Levin

born of osiris still

Born of Osiris – music video

e t 55

Eddie Toro

po'k 2a

dir. Andrew Porter

jm 3b

Joseph McShea

mm h

Father Courage

dir. Gustavo Roman

e h 5

Ellen Hart

ny stories 4

4 am in paris 9

4 A.M. in Paris


Robert Englebright


e h 10

Ellen Hart

ems 3

psa – New York City Emergency Services

vintage dreams 2

dir. Jianying Chen

dykwia 2

Fabulous Thunderbirds – music video

v a 4

commercial – Visiting Angels

haunting burgi 2

Lifetime Movie Network

ng 15

Nikolai Golovanoff






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