Comments About the Lumineers’ “Submarines” Video – Almost 1 Million Views


Surprisingly, in six months it hasn’t had quite one million views on YouTube. But it’s getting close. It’s a great song, and the video stars me (rotoscoped). I applied for, and got, the job without knowing who the band was. We shot the film in a few hours on the Lower East Side. The seaside footage was shot in an apartment house courtyard. These are some of the YouTube comments (all spelling sic):



worth a watch just for the vid 


What a beautiful video! I really like the old man! 




Is this about an old ww2 sailor with post-traumatic stress?


How come this dosent have a lot of views 


first time i watched this tears slid down my face.


Классная анимация


Thats the most beautiful music video Ive ever seen.


subs 3


Is this a metaphor or something?


Did this actually happen?


the song is based on a true story of a man who saw a Japanese Submarine before the attack on Pearl Harbor.


It’s been proven that German unterseeboots (subs) were on the eastern coast, the Japanese were in on the Battle of Midway, They were not nearly as advanced as the Germans and were mainly used to transport goods rather than take down ships.


That’s the whole point… its about knowing that Pearl Harbour was going to happen!


The ballast tanks of my heart just opened as my soul dove down into the briny deep of this awesome song. I would like to give my own interpretation of this song. I think this song reflects the lives of many people who live their lives waiting for something to come to them instead of going out and getting it. We look back and think where did the time go, how did I end up where I am today in a sudden epiphany that we should have spent our lives looking for the proverbial submarines instead of just talking about them.


Stand up for whats right even if your standing alone.


The songs not about Pearl Harbour, its about warning people about something that they pretend to be oblivious too. Something they know but don’t want to acknowledge


Love it. That poor guy has to poop a submarine later though. 😉




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