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No More Type-Casting – My Film Debut in a Romantic Role!

Many people–well, maybe 1 or 2 people–have been saying “When will we see you in a role that isn’t a homeless person or a ghost?” Well, here it is. This a sensitive film in 3 sections by an NYU student. The section I’m in begins at 10:04 and runs to the end. It’s on Vimeo and […]

Comments About the Lumineers’ “Submarines” Video – Almost 1 Million Views

  Surprisingly, in six months it hasn’t had quite one million views on YouTube. But it’s getting close. It’s a great song, and the video stars me (rotoscoped). I applied for, and got, the job without knowing who the band was. We shot the film in a few hours on the Lower East Side. The […]


It was a minor incident but it has left me devastated. That’s too strong a word. But for days I haven’t accomplished anything. I sleep poorly. I notice late in the afternoon that I’m still wearing the clothes I slept in. I’ll tell you about the incident. Some weeks ago I auditioned for a commercial. […]

A Call for Procotts

Who lists fair and ethical businesses that people of good will should deal with? There must be stores, services, and restaurants – however few – that pay workers fairly, don’t fight unionization, and attempt to be environmentally responsible. Armed with such a list, we could carry out the opposite of a boycott – a pro-cott? […]

A Trial of Weeds

“A Trial of Weeds” is a Norwegian radio play (in English). I play the judge. You can click on the title on the right of the following page, listen to the play (14 mins.), and be profoundly puzzled:


I grew up knowing I was different. This led to feelings of alienation. I heard names, stereotyping, taunting chants in the schoolyard.   I belong—I realize this is a sensitive topic—to an oppressed minority: we who have red hair, who are called carrot top, copperhead, Woody Woodpecker.   Few groups have been treated with so […]