Ramona Romano, I don’t mean to annoy you,

and I assume you won’t sue over unsought renown,

but wouldn’t you wish the world to sing

your singularly singable name?


Your euphonious phonemes have haunted me,

Ramona–Ramona Romano– Ramona Ramona Romano–

since first I saw your name embellishing

a memorable membership list.


You must know your name’s a magical moniker.

Did you bestow it on yourself, or did a Muse

whisper to your mother: “Ramona.

Ramona Romano. Ramona“?


I once knew a girl named Diana DelBello.

Her name demanded operatic intoning –

not like your name, Ramona,

an intimate murmur.


So I’m finally confessing: whoever you are,

Ramona Romano–Ramona–Ms. Romano –

Romano, Ramona (as the phone book would say) –

Ramona Romano, I’m enamored of your name.




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