Lost in the Stars

haunting of b bostwick 1

I was directed to an address in Rockland County, New York, for a re-creation scene in the cable show “The Haunting Of…” I knew the street was where Kurt Weill and Lotte Lenya had bought a house after liking the location because Maxwell Anderson, Weill’s collaborator on a series of musicals, lived there.


I didn’t know where Weill and Lenya’s house was, nor did I realize that the house we were filming at had been Anderson’s until I got there.


The man who worked on renovations of the house, adding wood carvings throughout the interior—including a door leading outside with the inscribed words “Exeunt Omnes”—drowned himself in the pond behind the house. I played that man, preparing to drown himself and later supposedly haunting the house. (See photo.)


The current owner showed me where Anderson’s piano had stood in the living room. So it was here that they worked on songs like “Lost in the Stars” from their musical based on the novel Cry the Beloved Country.


Here is Samuel Ramey singing the song:






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