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PHOTOS & STILLS – From film, video, stock photography



  Ramona Romano, I don’t mean to annoy you, and I assume you won’t sue over unsought renown, but wouldn’t you wish the world to sing your singularly singable name?   Your euphonious phonemes have haunted me, Ramona–Ramona Romano– Ramona Ramona Romano– since first I saw your name embellishing a memorable membership list.   You […]

Being Carl-Rogered

I was in graduate school, finishing a degree before moving back east. I was going through a bad emotional time, from various post-adolescent causes: an order to report for a draft physical (the Vietnam War was getting started), a girlfriend at the start of her descent into schizophrenia, the death of my father some months […]

Lost in the Stars

I was directed to an address in Rockland County, New York, for a re-creation scene in the cable show “The Haunting Of…” I knew the street was where Kurt Weill and Lotte Lenya had bought a house after liking the location because Maxwell Anderson, Weill’s collaborator on a series of musicals, lived there.   I […]

More Recommendations for Those Who Don’t Like Classical Music

Vivaldi: Gloria (Part One):   Bach on Guitar: Wachet auf:   Mozart: Flute & Harp Concerto (Mvt. Two):   Largo al Factotum (Figaro, Barber of Seville):   Debussy: Violin Sonata (Mvt. One)  From 1:33, the greatest stillness in music:   Puccini; La Boheme:    


  My parents bought a house Built by a carpenter for himself And his family. They were all Barely five feet tall.   I didn’t realize at first Why my head kept bumping the doorways And why I had to stoop To use the mirror when I shaved.   It’s not the only time I’ve […]

NOT WHAT YOU THINK – Solo Performance Script

From Here to There in Search of Identity Dedicated to anyone who ever wanted to explain – or cry out: It’s not what you think! This journey in search of identity begins in New York City’s Washington Square. A cloudy, damp Sunday—it’s noon, but no one’s around. My lunch, wrapped in rumpled foil, is the […]