I saw video of a prominent politician

shouting lies to an audience who seemed to love him,

who cheered each denunciation

of the other side.


They could have heiled or extended their arms

like the crowds in old newsreels,

ready to follow their leader

to his paradise of destruction.


But no, it isn’t happening, I told myself,

those old fascists had thugs in the streets,

beating up their enemies, however innocent,

and ready to kill them.


We haven’t come to that, I thought,

and then I realized: they have their thugs,

wherever they’ve passed the laws to allow

Standing Your Ground to shoot


the others. The crowds in the newsreels

didn’t see what was happening either.



One comment

  1. Nowadays, the preferred place for thugs is in state legislatures, where they can pass vote-suppression laws and cram those who do manage to vote against greed and folly into gerrymandered districts.

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