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Comparative Popularity

Positive message: 395,754 views:   Poignant fantasy: 405,246 views:   Unspeakable trip: 1,976,801 views: Advertisements


I’ve already written about the junior high school I went to, in a small city outside Boston: There was something else about that school in my home town, a direct link to the Victorian past. The school had an endowment, the gift of a nineteenth century rich man who grew up in the town […]

Ghost Bell Hop

On March 28, 2014, after a wait of several months, “Celebrity Ghost Stories” is showing an episode in which I play the lead ghost. My character haunted Max Adler of “Glee” and his girlfriend in a hotel in Venice. I don’t know why it took so long, unless the tape is so good they want […]


  I ran into Bob, whose name was now different and who now was a photographer. He took my photo, then handed me the camera and changed places: he assumed my place at the bus stop and I, in the gutter as he’d been, almost got hit by a bus, but I snapped the picture. […]

One-Act Plays Available

Several of my short plays are available from One Act Play Depot. They sell hard copies and pdfs and also handle performing rights. Check them out:


The P.A. at the Times Square shuttle platform calls: Watch your step, please, watch your step. First our feet, walking, tapping, pick up the rhythm: Watch your step, please, watch your step. Then shoulders dip; fingers snap, palms clap: Watch your step, please, watch your step. Overcoated bodies sway; commuters tango: Watch your step, please, […]


    I saw video of a prominent politician shouting lies to an audience who seemed to love him, who cheered each denunciation of the other side.   They could have heiled or extended their arms like the crowds in old newsreels, ready to follow their leader to his paradise of destruction.   But no, […]