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The Power of Blogging (or Something)

This week Google kept sending those who look up the word “pisherke” to a blog post of mine, – and then I got the new New Yorker yesterday – it comes late to my home. In the post I quote Norman Mailer’s first mother-in-law calling him a pisherke, and I mention that my mother […]

Beatnik Poet

Of all things to appear as: me as a beatnik poet:


  Will I be remembered by those stories they tell, more grotesque with every telling? No one gets it right: but what can I expect, with my species abused and reviled—by farmers and herders, by townsmen fearing music of the forest?     First of all, I never dressed as her Grandma. Finding the nightcap […]


She’s 27 and she still isn’t married. An executive at J.P. Morgan! Her mother prays every day. (I’d be grateful if readers help me with an experiment: I’ve left out the context and setting; what do you infer about the speaker and situation? This is, of course, 100% true.)

“Submarines” by the Lumineers – with me

The Lumineers are a very successful new musical group, playing a kind of folk rock. One of their videos has had 90 million YouTube views. Today they released a new video. I’m the chief human in it, though rotoscoped: