I’m compiling a book-length collection of very short plays—from one minute to 10 minutes long. They are mostly—though not exclusively—comedies.

Let me know if you would like to receive a free copy of any of these. Performing and publishing rights in any medium are reserved:

  1. Smoothies

Dark comedy 1 m, 2 f 9 pages

Jack wants to apologize for a minor sin of his youth. He hears a grim depiction from his victim’s mother of the consequences of what he did.

  1. Emergency!

Dark comedy 1 m or f  (onstage); 1 m or f  (voice) 2.5 pages

A person in dire medical distress tries to cope with a telephone robot.

Here are two performances:



  1. At the License Plate Bureau

Farce 2 m, 2 f 3 pages

People want their terrible names on their license plates. Will the manager allow it?

  1. Do It Yourself

Comic monolog 1 m 4 pages

A young man conducts his own psychotherapy using a cut-out of a therapist and a manual.

  1. Reno West of Los Angeles

Comedy 1 m, 1 f 2.5 pages

In a coffee shop, a talkative woman tells all about a troubled relationship.

  1. The Captain & the Cabin Boy

Farce 1 m, 1 f 4.5 pages

The cabin boy is not what he seems to be. The captain is profoundly disappointed.

  1. Incident at Intake

Dark comedy 1 m, 1 f, 1 m (or f) 6 pages

A burned-out case is turned away by a social worker. Will she relent—or is revenge too sweet?

  1. The Princess & the Unicorn

Fractured fairy tale 2 m, 2 f 8 pages

The princess doesn’t have the standard qualification for taming a unicorn. But there may be another way to keep him from destroying the kingdom . . . .

  1. Alumni Call

Comedy 2 m 6 pages

He’s not the kind of prospect that the student caller can easily convince to donate. But the two can begin to understand each other.

  1. Park Bench

Comedy 1 m (non-speaking), 1 f    1.5 pages

In Central Park, a woman tells her story to a stranger.

  1. Child’s Play

Comedy 1 m, 1 f (adults portraying young children) 2 pages

Children pretend to act like the adults in their lives.

  1. Justice

Comedy 1 m, 1 f 2 pages

Two people in a bar find common ground in their minimal scruples.

  1. Mother Warned Me

Comic Monolog 1 m 1 page

All those maternal warnings have come true.

  1. Dinner

Comedy. 1 m, 1 f ; 2 m; or 2 f     2 pages

One member of a couple cooks rich foods for the other. Is it loving indulgence or something worse?

(Can be paired with No. 2 “Emergency!”)

  1. Shvan Lake

Farce 1 m, 1 f 4 pages

The story of the ballet—with a bizarre twist—is told in wildly fractured English.

  1. Hobby Show

Dramatic monolog 1 m 1 page

A man recalls a 6th-grade incident involving the teacher’s assignment and a classmate.

  1. Footsteps

Dramatic monolog 1 f 1 page

A woman describes waiting for her late husband’s nightly home coming. (Originally written to portray the aftermath of a large-scale tragedy.)

  1. The Middle-Aged Mariner

Comedy 2 m 7.5 pages

A man tells a stranger about his life experiences and his philosophy. The stranger appears to be a good listener.

  1. Grace Under Pressure

Dark-comic monolog 1 f 4.5 pages

Grace makes a holiday video for her supposed loved ones. This year she is holding nothing back.

  1. Pete & Joe at the Dew Drop Inn

Comedy 2 m 11 pages

In a local bar, two friends share guy talk on a variety of topics.

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