FOUR AGES OF WRITING – Advice for Writers

Be a child when you write your first draft.

Be open to wild thoughts and quick associations.

Don’t censor. Don’t  worry about making sense.

Write your second draft as an adolescent.

(A draft can be a lot of separate sub-drafts.)

Take risks. Test the implications and the limits.

Proceed in daydreams, as if you’re sitting in study hall,

waiting for the bell.

Go where your hormones take you.

With your third draft (or series of drafts),

it’s time to be an adult.

Organize; you can even follow an outline.

Be logical when and where it’s appropriate.

Check for what’s missing.

Throw out what is irrelevant.

With your fourth (or final) draft,

be middle-aged.

Consider appearances.

Punctuate. Proofread. Read it aloud.

Think about the effect of your work on others.


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