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It occurred to me recently that I have frequently written about food. I don’t know if this is due to a particular obsessiveness, or maybe it’s normal: eating is an essential activity, after all. Often the location is diners, where I’ve spent a lot of time writing, eating, waiting. LUNCH AT THE LIVE BAIT DINER […]

Getting Classical Music III

Suggestions for those who don’t already love all music. Berlioz: Romeo & Juliet – Love Scene     Leoš Janáček: Sinfonietta     Liszt – Dante Symphony – 2. Purgatorio (1/3) – the poor souls are coming out into the daylight   Scott Joplin: Treemonisha finale “Real Slow Drag”   Bernard […]


I’m compiling a book-length collection of very short plays—from one minute to 10 minutes long. They are mostly—though not exclusively—comedies. Let me know if you would like to receive a free copy of any of these. Performing and publishing rights in any medium are reserved: Smoothies Dark comedy 1 m, 2 f 9 pages Jack […]


1 What burns in these shadows, in these flames, these flames more crooked than my shadow? My shadow burns, the words I whisper crack in the heat. The moonlight is drenched by the flames. Tomorrow he is mine. She, the gentle, foolish one, prisoner of her father’s greed, sweated in the airless light of the […]

WEBSTER PULLMAN – Remembering Molly

When Molly let me be her friend, I felt honored. I never had a lot of friends, just buddies at work, being a fat guy who kept to myself, but Molly was special. I knew it was mainly that she didn’t have boyfriends, but she let me take her to concerts and plays. I could […]

August 1963

It was 50 years ago this month. My first professional production was about to open in New York. Since a headshot was needed for publicity, my roommate took some photos on the roof of our building on West 107th Street. I suppose I was precocious, as well as lucky. In a lot of ways, it’s been […]


Where are the obese, wheezing doctors of yesterday? As they puffed and huffed to get around you to check your breathing, they smelled of cigarettes. Their injunctions for your reformation were halfhearted— not like the new breed, thin and fit, who if you say you don’t have time to exercise tell you they rise at […]