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CHARACTERS Gloria, in her 40’s or so, much used by life Barney, a slick guy, also in his 40’s or so Waitress, experienced in her trade and anywhere from 25 to 60 Man (optional) SETTING The present. A coffee shop in Manhattan. (There are three small tables in a row across the stage. Gloria and […]


  How about that cliché—love gives meaning to life? That’s okay for those who love or get loved— Mother Theresa or Sally Ann at the motel off I-93 or Grampa who can whittle you a bird whistle just like that—but what about everybody else? It ain’t just a problem for you or me Saturday night […]


I saw that he looked truly miserable. Maybe, I figured, he was disappointed his job wasn’t getting him anywhere after quite some years; men got that way, I supposed. But his despair showed worse and worse, and of course men are terrible at expressing feelings, so I said, “Come on, Fred, tell me, what is […]


“I wish someone would think of another metaphor.” This is the first shot of a promotional video the Discovery ID channel uses for its “Evil, I” episode called “Angel of Death.”  That’s me on the autopsy table. In this version, pressing the triangle does not create motion. Miss Denny, my first-grade teacher, had one of […]


  Will I be remembered by those stories they tell, more grotesque with every telling? No one gets it right: but what can I expect, with my species abused and reviled—by farmers and herders, by townsmen fearing music of the forest?   First of all, I never dressed as her Grandma. Finding the nightcap in […]

Oksana & Me

  This parody of an actor’s reel is the only video in which you can see gold-medal-winning Olympic skater Oksana Baiul, actor Amy Stiller, and me. I’m in the Punky-Grows-Up segment at 1:46.      


  When I was young and would sail from this coast, I married a woman with deep, sad eyes who loved me more than a man could wish. One night by the driftwood fire, she told me she came of the seal-people—woman by land, but a seal if she went again to the sea.   […]