It’s always possible for these shows to prove disappointing, if one’s great scenes end up on the cutting-room floor. Of course, there are no more cutting-room floors, now that it’s done digitally.


“The Haunting of Barry Bostwick” – I was one of the formerly-alive people haunting him. It’s on the BIO channel on June 1 (10 and 11 p.m.), June 2 (2 and 3 a.m.), June 6 (10 p.m.) and June 7 (2 a.m.).


“Giving You the Business: Salad Days” – I was part of a Bingo team that made life difficult for food franchise managers. On the Food Network: June 13 (10 p.m.), June 14 ( 1 p.m.) and June 16 (2 p.m.).


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