magnolia and cinco de mayo 004

I can’t take credit for this tree.

I merely own it. The most I’ve done

is never cut it down; I’ve had it pruned for health.


Also, I notice it each spring. You hope you remember

to notice each time they flower, these trees,

since we may be running out of springs.


Waiting for surgery—it likely would keep

me alive, but who could know?—I cried

a few times. I’d be driving, alone,


and think how sorry I’d be to leave my life.

I’d get over that, since my rather long life

had been pretty good.


Now, though, we’re heating the planet badly;

without winter, will there be spring?

Whatever happens, to the world or to us,


we’re  running out of tomorrows.

There are fewer springs to waste

not noticing a tree.









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