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Gus, a guy I knew in New Jersey, was at a diner in upstate New York somewhere, when the man behind the counter asked where he was from. “Moonachie,” Gus said, which was the name of his northern New Jersey town. It’s pronounced moo-NAH-kee and is supposed to come from an Iroquoi word. “He looked […]


It’s always possible for these shows to prove disappointing, if one’s great scenes end up on the cutting-room floor. Of course, there are no more cutting-room floors, now that it’s done digitally.   “The Haunting of Barry Bostwick” – I was one of the formerly-alive people haunting him. It’s on the BIO channel on June […]

KILLING TIME – Stewart’s 1/23/13

There are two tables in this gas station to drink your coffee at. Misjudging the time needed to deposit stuff at the landfill, I’ve an hour till my next appointment. Time to waste, to kill. If I meditated, my extra time could be filled spiritually. If I took a course to change my life, I […]

KEEPER OF THE FLAME – with Background

Beyond the noise and sunlight of 42nd Street and posters of the violent acts Now Showing * Kung Fu Killers! * Vampire Hookers! * up stairs with grit and urine in the treads, across the balcony—   up a steep steel ladder, through a door locked against thieves and lunatics—is the booth at the theater […]

*** HUBERT’S *** – Old Times on 42nd Street

I told my friend I was headed for Midtown and needed cheering up. He suggested Hubert’s Museum & Flea Circus. Ready to try anything, I went. The Flea Circus wasn’t operating but there were people on display:   the Human Pin Cushion, to remind us that all pain is relative; the Jungle Creep, an African-American […]

END OF THE LINE – With Background

For those who live at the end of the line, New Lots Avenue or Dover Plains, Bay Head Junction or Babylon, the names of their trains and neighborhoods bear the magic of Destination. In Danbury, Port Jervis, Port Jefferson, the tracks don’t stretch to infinity in both directions; they stop at stones or steel. Sure […]