Many writers of advertising also write poems.

In the 1950s James Dickey wrote ads for Coca-Cola

and in that capacity wrote Eddie Fisher’s TV show.

When I took an advertising course, a guest copywriter

told us he was a poet. He was the only guest writer

not dying from cigarettes and vodka.


Writing ads means close attention to verbiage.

So does poetry—or did you know that already?

Someone I met at a poetry reading had a day job

writing tacky ads for compilations of recordings—

Now all on one CD!— by over-the-hill singers

and rock groups of previous decades.


Think of that! Each word shouted and repeated

at high volume is as carefully chosen as a gem

for a necklace or a  syllable for a sonnet. Find

a Unique Selling Proposition for your poem

about death, love, or springtime. Phone

for a fabulous free offer!



One comment

  1. Thanks, Lew! I liked this one alot. Just what I needed on a Monday afternoon, some words chosen as gems.

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