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Too little ozone, or too much, Is starting to destroy us. But the sky is very clear today And I am feeling joyous. On the street we look at crimes Like the making of a movie. But the zephyr blows a little kiss And I am feeling groovy. The signs are showing everywhere: The end […]

Getting Classical Music II

Here are more suggestions for those who don’t yet love classical music. Chopin: Nocturne Op. 27 No. 2 Richard Strauss: Thus Spake Zarathustra (this was exciting long before 2001) Marcello: Oboe Concerto (slow mvt.) Mahler: Sym 3 (end) “What Love Tells Me” Grieg: Violin Sonata 3 (3rd mvt) beginning at 2:02, […]


With Boston in the news these weeks, I’ve thought about my growing up in one of the small cities that surround it. This is about a trip some years ago. After a long time away, I was back in the neighborhood where those first 16 years were spent.     I. The Neighborhood The hills […]


I included this poem in Tales of the Middlesex Canal, even though it took place a few miles away. My mother lived for several years in an apartment building for senior citizens outside Boston. One of residents that she introduced us to was “Jean,” who stood out because she was livelier than most of her […]

NIGHTMARE- Character Source

I remembered these people for more than four decades. Then I woke one morning with the following in mind, probably more a thoughts-while-waking/I-could-write-this than an actual nightmare: NIGHTMARE A town with nothing to do at night. Dark road, dark woods, dark stores and houses. A neon sign: *GOLDBERG’S TOPLESS BAR* Inside it’s dim, empty, an […]

“Emergency!” – New Video

New version of “Emergency!” starring Kimberly Kay:     Production by David Laks

DR. PLOTKIN – Character Source

I compiled a book-length collection of poems about a fictional town on the Middlesex Canal north of Boston, based partly on my own experiences in a real town there. I used some of the stories I had heard; I made others up. Later I realized the material—about the citizens of the town, the history of […]