I just learned from my publisher of one-acts (One Act Play Depot, that a company in Dublin has paid royalties to produce one of my plays. Since it’s a play with very New York characters and dialog, I find the prospect delightful. Will they Gaelicize the dialog? Say it with a lilt? Or worse, try to sound like the Upper West Side?

Another play of mine has been performed frequently around the world. I published it in a classroom magazine a long time ago, retaining the copyright. It was included in anthologies in the U.S. and Australia. A friend of mine brought a group of kids to Russia, and they performed it there.

Teachers, however, think that anything they find can be freely copied and shared. Even before the Internet, I became aware of the play’s underground travels. Now, thanks to the Internet, I found a production on the island of Crete and a video posted by the father of a kid in India.

This play, also, is very American, so hearing the dialog in Indian accents is worth the price of the royalties that I didn’t get:


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