We rely on The New York Times to clue us in
to things we ought to worry about
about which it hasn’t occurred to us previously
to give a damn. For example,
the Sunday Times Magazine ran an ad
for the Citibank Private Bank
that included the question:

Is being born into wealth a burden?

Aren’t you ashamed you never thought of that?

This is the answer the Citibank Private Bank
banker gave:

It doesn’t have to be. But it does come with its own set
of complexities. Parents grapple with issues
beyond the technical. What is the effect of inheritance?
How do you instill a sense of responsibility
in children who may never have to work?

Can anyone read this and just sit there?!!

I intend to extend my liberal concern, guilt, and empathy
to immediately encompass this group whose problems
I have overlooked.



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