Great performances by Kimberly Kay of several monologs, comic and serious. All written by me.   Emergency Being a Star Lily Duval Alice Bunham At the Mytag Footsteps Wilma Adlington

I noticed that some of my Facebook friends – people I actually know – are friends of people who have a certain level of accomplishment in worlds that interest me. So I’ve asked some of them to become Facebook friends of mine. Many of them have said yes, and then I’ve seen, among their friends, […]

TOM Since moving to New York From Cincinnati, Conversations drive me batty. . Half the time I speak, No one seems to git Half the sense or even Jest the gist of it. . So now, my friend, I hope you’ll understand This story of the happy life I’ve planned . . . . BOB […]

  Sharing this is a pre-birthday present to myself. I discovered that this hour-long episode of a program on the ID network can be viewed for free on YouTube. (It’s only about 45 minutes to watch, since the commercials have been left out.) The link is below. Note also that it doesn’t start until about […]

  A birthday will be happening soon, just one more day of my life, really. (Is it useful as an indexing device, like a minor holiday?) . Also on my calendar are check-ups with all those doctors, preceded by anxiety (about the sentence they may impose). . I’m tired of all of this, my fear […]

  Maybe. Who knows? On the one hand . . . on the other. Really? Neither here nor there. Hmmm . . . You should live in interesting times.

The December 21 posting of the on-line literary magazine, New Verse News: